dinsdag 10 april 2007

I'm baaaaahhhhaaaaack!!!!

Hey there!!

No there's nothing wrong with your computer...... There really is a new post on my blog!!! LOL!!!

For the ones who worried..... thank you, so sweet! Glad to say there was nothing wrong with me!! Can't say that for my computer!! I almost threw it out of my window....... I wanted wireless internet, but it wasn't a "plug-and-play" version! After two weeks of cursing at the F#&%$@ computer I finally have wireless internet!!! And it feels GOOD to be back!!

Did a lot these weeks, went to the soccer-game Nederland - Roemeniƫ. Me, Arie, my brothers and sister took our dad to this game for his birthday. Lucky for us he loved his gift!

They didn't play good, but is was soooo very coool to be there! The whole stadion was orange! So cool!! We had a lot of fun!

I also went with my sister to a "men-wedstrijd". (A horse and car game, something like that!) Was cool to see how she hangs behind that thing! Here is a pic of "her" horse, Sissy.

Of course I also scrapped a lot, but I still have to make pics of it! So I'll show them later this week!

Xoxo, Monique ( a-happy-"I'm back"-girl ;p )

5 opmerkingen:

Daffie Online zei

hehe...dat werd tijd LOL!

zo'n "Oranje" wedstrijd is altijd een feest om bij te zijn of ze nu winnen of niet!

D@nielle zei

whooohooo so happy you're back ! Can't wait to see what you've been up to (besides slaving away for me on your day off ...) !

Mirjam zei

Good to have you back!! I was getting worried too, it has been so long since you posted. Looks like you had a great couple of days. Can not wait to see what you created...

Mandy zei

WELCOME BACK!!! Loved seeing you at the workshop and lookin' forward to see what your hands have been up to!

MaMaLoT zei

Wheehee!!! Welcome back girl!