maandag 28 mei 2007

Made some stuff!!!

Finally I had time to make something!! Feels really really good!! I also made the dutch dare for next wednesday! So don't forget to check it out....! Here is a sneakpeak...

Made some random layouts!

Made this one with the cool big letters from MLS!! There is sooooo much new cool stuff in the shop!!! Go and see for yourself!

And this is my new project! A mini-album about our new house. For now it is empty, but very soon I will get starting with filling!

That's all folks!! :p

Xoxo, Monique

zondag 20 mei 2007

zaterdag 19 mei 2007

Why is the time going sooooooo fast!!!

Hey there!

Can someone please tell me how I can stop time? Just for one day or so..... Time flies over here! The reason I wasn´t much around is this:
Our new house!!!! Yeeeeehhhhh!! If everything goes well we get the key on june 11th! That´s 3 weeks! We had a lot to arrange (don´t know if this is the correct spelling..)! Now almost everything is done, so I finally can do some scrapping! I made a few things, only need to make pics of it! I will do that tomorrow!
Have a great saturday!!
Xoxo, Monique