zondag 29 april 2007


on my balcony, listening to the music and the voices of the many many people in the city. It's "koninginnenach". Arie went with friends to the city. Having loads of fun! No I'm not going! It's way to crowded for me! {And I had my time when I was 16!! :p LOL }. So I'm enjoying it from a distance! And I even think it's much better!! {because I can scrap while listening to the great music....! And my favourite drink isn't that expensive..... ! LOL}

Tomorrow I'm going on a bargain {don't know if this is the correct spelling....} hunt at the "vrijmarkt"! Hunting for stamps, buttons, ribbons, yeah you know..... the kind of stuff a scrapper needs to have!! hihi!

So have yourself a great Queensnight / day. I know I will!!

Xoxo, Monique

4 opmerkingen:

Iloon zei

Happy Queensday!

Mandy zei

Sounds really good, scrappin' and chillin' with good music in the background... hope your hunt went well today!

D@nielle zei

hmmmm I prefer the bargain hunting too to the evening before ;) So what did you score ?

dawn zei

Good morning hun... how did the bargain hunting go? Hope you found lots of treasures... have a wonderful day :D