vrijdag 16 maart 2007

Quiet in tha house.....

because I have no voice! And everybody who knows me, knows that's nothing for me.... ;P !!

So I'm sitting here on my own, smiling to my cat, very quiet......

I'm at home now for almost the whole week, tried to work thursday morning.... But it's kinda hard to teach a class without a voice!! LOL

Oh well, every bad thing has a good thing! And the good thing is that I have plenty of time to create! And according to Daphne it makes you feel better too!

So I grabbed my paint, gesso, petroluem gel and I tried the "peeling paint technique". You can reed everything about it over here!

This is what I made:

First I applied old book pages with serviette coat.

Then I painted the box.

I applied petroluem gel and painted over it. This is the result!

So thanks Daphne and Nat for sharing this great technique!

It's a little to late, but my little sis is not 13 anymore!!! LOL (don't get me wrong, I didn't forget her birthday!!!)

Love you little sis!!! XXX

(and that handsome guy is my brother!)

See ya! Xoxo, Monique

9 opmerkingen:

Daffie Online zei

Very very very cool what you did with the technique :)
Can't wait to see what you will make of the inside of the box!

Great family picture :))

Birgit zei

Oh I really hope you'll have your voice back soon! It is nice though to have some extra time to create. The box looks great!

Nicole zei

Ziet er super uit Monique, wil dit nu toch ook wel eens een keer proberen...
en wat lijk jij op je broer...

gr Nicole

MaMaLoT zei

Wow, love your box! congrats with your little sister!

Mandy zei

Congratulations to your sis! Hope you will feel better soon, on the other hand, if you don't you can continue creating artsy stuff! Love it!

dawn zei

Happy birthday to your little sis :) hope she had a great birthday. Gorgeous box and technique, thanks for sharing :)

Nat zei

Love the box - awesome result!!!

dawn zei

I just nipped back to see if you updated :) Have a great Monday :)

Brigitta zei

you haven't been blogging for a while, are you ok Monique?? love your blog it's so Funky!