zaterdag 29 april 2006

Yes yes yes yes!!!!!

Whaaaaaaaaaaaa, I'm going to Elsie's workshop!!! That is so so cool!!

Greetz, Monique

vrijdag 28 april 2006


OMG!! I just did it! I sended my submit for the Cherry Arte DT call!! WHAAAAAAA!!!

Sorry, I just want to let you know!

Greetz, Monique

donderdag 27 april 2006


I join the weight loss challenge at two peas and now they have there one blinkie!! Isn't that cool!! I need to post it here so I can use it in my signature!

woensdag 26 april 2006

Me, myself and I

I need to post my photo so I can use it in my profile.

(And no I'm still not cleaning my house......... :) )

Greetz, Monique


Oh no, I feel so stupid.... I was too late to sign in for a workshop from Elsie!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

They asked Elsie for a few more workshops, so keep your fingers crossed for me!!

For now I'm going to sit in a corner and cry.... lol!! But I first have to clean my house..... and do the laundry.....and do the dishes.....clean the fish..... Blehh!!

Greetz, Monique

zaterdag 15 april 2006

Doodle day!!!

Yeah, today is doodle day!!! I'm totally in love with it! Thanks to the 21 day challenge I'm not afraid anymore! I love to express myself in a creative way. Today was a great scrapping day, yep all day long! And I love it, I love it, I love it!! I made 3 layouts in one day, a new record for me! :)
Here they are!
Maybe I have to promote my blog more.... Nobody knows I have one!

Greetz, Monique!

Love you....

Oh yes I love my sweet cat Maupie! I made this lo using a sketch at scrap-club. I think it turned out great! I really love doodling!

Have a happy easter!

Greetz, Monique!

zondag 2 april 2006

My poor blog....

Poor, poor blog, I'm so so sorry......!! It's been a while a go since my last post. Time flies when you're having fun he!
They have such a cool kit at scrap-club! This is what I made of it so far.
The first one is my sweet cat Maupie on the second layout you see my dad and boyfriend!

Thanks for looking!!

Greetz, Monique