vrijdag 16 maart 2007

Quiet in tha house.....

because I have no voice! And everybody who knows me, knows that's nothing for me.... ;P !!

So I'm sitting here on my own, smiling to my cat, very quiet......

I'm at home now for almost the whole week, tried to work thursday morning.... But it's kinda hard to teach a class without a voice!! LOL

Oh well, every bad thing has a good thing! And the good thing is that I have plenty of time to create! And according to Daphne it makes you feel better too!

So I grabbed my paint, gesso, petroluem gel and I tried the "peeling paint technique". You can reed everything about it over here!

This is what I made:

First I applied old book pages with serviette coat.

Then I painted the box.

I applied petroluem gel and painted over it. This is the result!

So thanks Daphne and Nat for sharing this great technique!

It's a little to late, but my little sis is not 13 anymore!!! LOL (don't get me wrong, I didn't forget her birthday!!!)

Love you little sis!!! XXX

(and that handsome guy is my brother!)

See ya! Xoxo, Monique

zaterdag 10 maart 2007

Oh boy.......

Did a lot the last two weeks! I even don´t know where to start!

First I had a week vacation! Did nothing, totally relaxed! My nephew fixed my ceiling so it was a little bit messy, but it looks great now!

I did a little bit of scrapping also! I used some old pictures. I had a simple and fast day, so thats why my layouts are also that way!

Thursday evening I went cropping by Danielle. I made these two layouts!

@ the designteam meeting a couple of weeks ago, we all got some papers and little things from Danielle's shop. The papers, the letters, the snaps and de numbers are at the SALE section!! I made this little book with it! You can also find little cardboard books at the shop. There are different shapes! So go and check it out @ MLS!!

At sunday I went t
o the Wacky Workshop Weekend where I met up with Mandy, Daphne, Nicole and Danielle! If you want to know where you can sleep in Veghel you just have to ask Danielle and Mandy! They know a very, very good place to spend the night!

I did three workshops, all Celine's. She is very cool and funny! I loved all the workshops! I'm totally into paint and freestyle right now! I finished one workshop, this is the result!

Made this one for a friend who just moved to a new house.

And now? Now I'm feeling sick..... yuck..... I hate feeling sick..... But hey.... good excuse to dive into the paint again! LOL!

See you!

Xoxo, Monique

vrijdag 2 maart 2007

Pimped my blog!

Had a great week! I had a week vacation and did a lot! Scrapped, cleaned, had fun, my ceiling is fixed and I pimped my blog!

I'll show you my layouts this afternoon!

Just let me know what you think of my new look!!

Xoxo, Monique