zaterdag 6 januari 2007

Tagged by Mandy!

My first tag ever! hihi!! Thanks Mandy!

Well here it comes:

A Available or single: nope not available or single! Still in love with Arie!

B Best Friend: Jane

C Cake or Pie: home-made applepie! mmmmm......

D Drink of choice: cassis (cherry drink)
E Essential Item you use everyday: my brush, otherwise I look like a poodle!
F Favorite color: teal
G Gummy Bears or worms: Gummy Bears
H Hometown: Den Haag / The Hague

I Indulgence: Chocolate and Ben & Jerry's icecream

J January or February: February
K Kids & Names: does a cat also count as a kid?! Her name is Maupie!

L Life is Incomplete Without: My family!! They are very important to me!
M Marriage Date: I hope somewhere between now and 2015!

N Number of Siblings: Two sisters and two brothers! And I'm the oldest! lol!
O Oranges or Apples: Oranges
P Phobias or Fears: fireworks and fire, both unpredictable...
Q Fav Quote: A day not laughed is a day not living (or something like that..) Een dag niet gelachen is als een dag niet geleefd!
R Reason to Smile: The little things and signs around me..... I smile a lot!
S Season: Summer and Autumn

T Tag 3 or 4 people: Brigitta, Jenny and Marjolein
U Unknown Fact about Me: I can "feel" certain things.....

V Vegetable You Don't Like: you could better ask "Vegetable you do like".......

W Worst Habit: Nailbiting
X Xrays: What not! My toes, foot and ankle, my hips, my lower backbone, my arm, my shoulder, a thorax photo (top front; for neck, shoulders and breastbone). Hahaha, I could make a puzzel of myself!!

Y Your Fave Food: I love everything that is good!
Z Zodiac Sign: Libra

Xoxo, Monique

4 opmerkingen:

Mandy zei

AHA we know a little more about you now... we shall talk further about item "U" on the next dt-lunch lol... Hey and lets both stop nailbiting in 2007...

Dutchie in Canada zei

Mag ik deze overslaan, heb em al eenkeer eerder gehad!!!

Brigitta zei

tnx for tagging me sweetheart, but done this one before, so if any one wants to know more about me, just check the archive ;-)

D@nielle zei

hmmmm interessant ...